Rewards Program Update

On August 1st we will be updating our rewards program. As usual every dollar you spend will earn one point toward a discount. Here are the new point tiers:

100 points ➜ 10% off classes
150 points ➜ 10% off everything
200 points ➜ 15% off classes
250 points ➜ 15% off everything
300 points ➜ $20 voucher

We're so grateful for all of our customers. Thank you for shopping with us! For more information about our rewards program, or to check your points balance click here.

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René Shoemaker

René Shoemaker

René Shoemaker is a master silk painter, born in New York City, who maintains studios in Athens, GA, USA and Aubusson, France. Spanning four decades and embracing a variety of mediums, her artwork highlights a sense of place while capturing the ways spaces work together and how people inhabit and interact with those spaces.

René has exhibited in museums in Georgia, Mississippi, and Paris and in galleries and public spaces in Georgia, New York, the UK, and France. She teaches and speaks on silk painting, and in 2020 she received a Fiber Forward Focus Fellowship from AIR Serenbe in Georgia.

Check out some of René's work here:

And here: