Call for Artists: Paint this Chair!

Would you like a small weekend project and an opportunity to work with a prominent Athens, GA organization?

We’re trying to connect more of you to businesses and clients around town who are commissioning artwork. So here’s our first gig opportunity post!

My sincere apologies for the short notice and quick turnaround time on this one… we’ve been so busy that I’ve just now gotten to put this together. We’ll make sure to offer more time in the future.

But for those who are able, submit a chair sample by Monday at midnight to, and you’ll be in the running for a paid opportunity with a prominent local client.

The Gig

Today we’re announcing an opportunity to work with a lovely client who needs a painting of a special room. They mentioned wanting a “pop of color” and an “artistically abstract” style. They were thinking digital art, but traditional mediums work too. The final piece will be no larger than 11x17 inches.

In order to select the right artist for the gig, we want you to show us how you’d paint one single chair from the room. 

The Call

If you’d like to participate and have the opportunity to be awarded the paid commission, you’ll want to paint the chair pictured below and submit it to us via email. Please include vital info like your name and a short description of the materials/methods you used or the vibe you were going for.

You’ll have until Monday at midnight to submit your chair sample to

What Happens Next

The client will pick their favorite chair, and that artist will be asked to then paint the entire room. The budget is $300, and your art and name would be on display in a high-traffic location, so this is a great opportunity for many artists.

Here's the chair! We look forward to seeing how you decide to render it!

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René Shoemaker

René Shoemaker is a master silk painter, born in New York City, who maintains studios in Athens, GA, USA and Aubusson, France. Spanning four decades and embracing a variety of mediums, her artwork highlights a sense of place while capturing the ways spaces work together and how people inhabit and interact with those spaces.

René has exhibited in museums in Georgia, Mississippi, and Paris and in galleries and public spaces in Georgia, New York, the UK, and France. She teaches and speaks on silk painting, and in 2020 she received a Fiber Forward Focus Fellowship from AIR Serenbe in Georgia.

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