"Luna Lines" by Christina Littleton

"Luna Lines" by Christina Littleton

One week represents so much of our daily lives and our careful timekeeping system. The origins of our days of the week find their roots in astronomy and ancient cultures. "Luna Lines" by Christina Littleton, is a collection of seven digital pieces corresponding to our seven days of the week and how these names were intentionally chosen.

Overlapping photographs of Christina in her element of dance, along with photographs taken through her telescope, each piece was carefully composed to reflect a parallel to the art of stillness within a constantly moving universe.

Understanding the celestial influence and foundation of our timekeeping system is an important part of understanding our rich history of astronomical discovery. Alongside each digital art piece, Christina accompanied a written explanation of history for each day. Each day of the week was carefully dedicated to one of our 7 most impactful heavenly bodies, and we see traces of these dedications across multiple languages through time.

Sunday: Named after our Sun 
Latin: solis
Greek: helios
Spanish: sol
Italian: sole
French: soleil

Latin: diēs solis
Greek: hemera heliou
Spanish: domingo
Italian: dimanche
French: domenica

Monday: Named after our Moon
Latin: luna
Greek: selene
Spanish: luna
Italian: luna
French: lune

Latin: diēs lūnae
Greek: hemera selenes
Spanish: lunes
Italian: lunedi
French: lundi

Tuesday: Named after Mars

Latin: mars
Greek: Ares
Spanish: marte
Italian: marte
French: mars

Latin: diēs mārtis
Greek: hemera Areos
Spanish: martes
Italian: martedi
French: mardi

Wednesday: Named after Mercury

Latin: mercurius
Greek: Hermes
Spanish: mercurio
Italian: mercurio
French: mercure

Latin: diēs Mercurii
Greek: hemera Hermu
Spanish: miércoles
Italian: mercoledi
French: mercredi

Thursday: Named after Jupiter

Latin: Lovi
Greek: Zeus
Spanish: Júpiter
Italian: Giove
French: Jupiter

Latin: dies Lovis
Greek: herma Dios
Spanish: jueves
Italian: giovedi
French: jeudi

Friday: Named after Venus

Latin: Venus
Greek: Aphrodite
Spanish: Venus
Italian: Venere
French: Vénus

Latin: dies Veneris
Greek: hemera Aphrodites
Spanish: viernes
Italian: venerdi
French: vendredi

Saturday: Named after Saturn

Latin: Saturnia
Greek: Kronos
Spanish: Saturno
Italian: Saturno
French: Saturne

Latin: dies Saturni
Greek: herma Khronu
Spanish: sábado
Italian: sabato
French: samedi

Another element displayed in the show consists of a short timeline of the history of our timekeeping system. Come by to check out Christina's fascination with bringing value to our time based on our place in space.

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