2021 Camps - Week 1 Final Projects

Our summer camps are filled with classes and activities, Monday through Thursday. But on Fridays our campers get to choose their own project. The entire day is spent working on artwork of their choosing; the materials and motifs are completely up to them.

Here's what the 2021 Week 1 campers made:

Aida Spooner

Aida worked on a landscape scene from one of her favorite movies. We love the colors and the thoughtful watercolor technique. It may not be finished yet, but we can't wait to see it when it's complete.

Artist: Aida Spooner
Title: "Scene from Mary and the Witch's Flower" (In Progress)
Materials: Watercolor on Arches Cold Press Paper

Ella Mae Rodick-Friedman

Ella Mae worked on several projects this week, the most notable was this hotel for animals. Each animal and the hotel itself was constructed from odds and ends most people would put in the trash bin. With such a lively color scheme and arrangement, these animals must be having the time of their lives.

Artist: Ella Mae Rodick-Friedman
Title: "The Animal Hotel"
Materials: Scrap Cardboard, Cardstock, Hot Glue, String, Tape, Marker, and Acrylic Paint

Emma VanCantfort

Emma worked diligently to complete this extra-large collage. Made entirely of paper and glue, we love inspecting its surprising fragments and then zooming out to view the owl as a whole.

Artist: Emma VanCantfort
Title: "Scrappy Owl"
Materials: Paper and Glue on Mat Board

Lorelei Glenn

Lorelei made this colorful, lively piece featuring a very lucky cat in front of a Japanese cityscape. Most everything Lorelei created in camp had a story behind it, and we loved hearing her tales as well as admiring her techniques.

Artist: Lorelei Glenn
Title: "Jodi"
Materials: Markers on Bristol Board

Sloan Henson

Sloan decided to work on a beautiful color-blocked cat on some beautiful black paper. We love the textural element of the oil pastels juxtaposed with her clean and distinct blocks of color.

Artist: Sloan Henson
Title: "Pastel Cat"
Materials: Oil Pastels on Black BFK Paper

Yandel Rivera

Yandel illustrated one of his favorite characters, a ninja and leader from the manga series Naruto. While Kakashi may have many special skills and techniques, we think the true talent lies in Yandel's rendering abilities.

Artist: Yandel Rivera
Title: "Kakashi Hatake"
Materials: Prismacolor Colored Pencil on Bristol Board

Thank you, campers, for making such great work!

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