2021 Camps - Week 2 Final Projects

Our summer camps are filled with classes and activities, Monday through Thursday. But on Fridays our campers get to choose their own project. The entire day is spent working on artwork of their choosing; the materials and motifs are completely up to them.

Here's what the 2021 Week 2 campers made:

Ailynn Irwin

Ailynn worked diligently on her royal and stately lion. We love the reds and yellows that warm the background and the strong black lines that bring the lion to life.

Artist: Ailynn Irwin
Title: "The King of the Sun"
Materials: Acrylic Paint and Pencil on Canvas

Aleiah LaTrace

Exhibiting strong painting skills, Aleiah's two-part scene juxtaposes a fiery night sky with a pictorial mountain landscape. We enjoy the various painting techniques from the clouds and grasses to the snow-capped peaks.

Artist: Aleiah LaTrace
Title: "Overgrown"
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Bliss Ferrelle

Some of the best art transports you and makes you feel like you're a part of a scene. That's exactly how we feel when looking at this frog by Bliss: we're right there on the blanket, too, enjoying the fruit and the view. 

Artist: Bliss Ferrelle
Title: "Frog"
Materials: Air Dry Clay, Acrylic Paint and Paint Pens

Ella Conway

Set against a mystical, starry sky, these two companions remind us that the world is vast, but the most important thing is love. Speaking of which, we love the colors, the setting, and the imagination in this painting by Ella.

Artist: Ella Conway
Title: "Unity"
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Emory Armel

Emory worked on two projects this week: a clay sculpture and an accompanying painting. We love the use of color, shape, and line--the bird is so vibrant and exciting! What an impressive and cohesive style Emory has. 

Artist: Emory Armel
Title: "Karl"
Materials: Air Dry Clay and Acrylic Paint

Artist: Emory Armel
Title: "Lost in the Forest"
Materials: Acrylic Paint and Paint Markers on Bristol

Gray Mankiewicz

Gray did an excellent job depicting a realistic heart, but we especially love the artistry in pairing it with this color-blocked background. The muted reds of the heart against the vibrating, primary-colored background seem to play with the idea of life itself.

Artist: Gray Mankiewicz
Title: "Eat"
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Isabella Trombetta

Warm and cool... Round and straight. We love the dualities depicted in this collage by Isabella. The organic reds of the fruit and flowers feel nestled and at home below the cool window and rectangular pillows above.

Artist: Isabella Trombetta
Title: "Different"
Materials: Magazine Cutouts and Glue on Illustration Board

Katia Dowd

Both inviting and creepy, we're kinda obsessed with this doll-like creature that Katia has created. That green hand atop her head should probably startle us, but it seems oddly comforting. Like standing at the edge of a portal, we're grateful for this glimpse into another world.

Artist: Katia Dowd
Title: "Bebop"
Materials: Watercolor and Pencil on Arches Cold Press Paper

Lea D'Angelo

Letters form words, words form sentences, and sentences form books. We love this deconstructed approach to cataloguing a personal appreciation of literature, and we feel like we're getting to know the artist through these fragments and clues.

Artist: Lea D'Angelo
Title: "Books"
Materials: Magazine Cutouts, Glue, and Paint Pens on Black Canvas

Mattlee Scott

What a fun way to express yourself, Mattlee! We love getting a glimpse into your world with these tidbits and icons. We especially love your use of color and numbers to create this deeply personal yet inviting work.

Artist: Mattlee Scott
Title: "Self Portrait in Memory"
Materials: Acrylic Paint and Paint Pens, Micron Fineliners, and 2H Pencil on Illustration Board

Sydney Peterson

Sydney's talent for drawing and painting is unmistakable in these works, and so is her empathy. We love the artistic technique Sydney gracefully employs, and we also love the thoughtful world she creates.

Artist: Sydney Peterson
Title: "Cuddles"
Materials: 2B Pencil and Watercolor on Bristol

Artist: Sydney Peterson
Title: "How Did I Get Here?"
Materials: HB Pencil, Tombow Markers, and Watercolor on Bristol

Thank you, campers, for making such great work!

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