🔦 What to Expect • Summer Camps 2023

🔦 What to Expect • Summer Camps 2023

Each camp is unique, but each follows the same general structure. Every camp will feature lessons in drawing, painting, illustration, calligraphy, printmaking, design, color theory, collage, creative journaling, and visual story-telling. Our students will learn from some of Athens, Georgia's finest local artists, and we'll offer a bounty of supplies for them to try (plus they're welcome to bring their own supplies if desired). The vibe will be encouraging and supportive with lots of inspirational prompts.

Throughout the week there will be free time for games and reading, and the students will work both in small groups and solo. To make sure everyone gets their Vitamin D, we'll take the class to the North Lawn of UGA for plein air sketching each chance we get.

Each week will culminate in the making of one "final piece" that will incorporate several key lessons and takeaways from the camp. If your child would like, we will proudly display their work in our online gallery.

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