Meet the Artist

Here's a little insight into the creative process and the inspiration behind the work of Frances Hughes.

Frances Hughes was hooked on photography from an early age. Her father and grandfather were both avid photographers, and she admired photographs before she was old enough to take them. Her first camera was a gift from her dad in 1985, a Nikon N2000 SLR with a zoom lens.

While the technology has changed dramatically, what draws Frances to photography has never changed. Photography focuses attention; it frames and reveals a hidden world of ‘found geometry’ — seldom-seen patterns and compositions that surround us. Writers are always encouraged to write what they know, and Frances believes photographers should do the same.

With a focus on urban photography from the rural South, Frances' work enjoys showing the beauty in the most ordinary things.

"We should take pictures of what we have learned to see deeply. What I most see when I look through my lens are the tensions and intersections between man-made curves and lines, between nature and the built environment, between renewal and decay, between the immortal image and the reality that everything fades."

- Frances Hughes

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