Learn with Us

Apprenticeships are immersive learning experiences designed to help you explore various creative career paths, find out where you enjoy working, gain professional experience by assisting shop owner and service-provider Kristen, and enhance your skillsets by working on personal projects.

Opportunity • Apprenticeship Program

Application Status: Open

We are currently taking applications for our 2024-2025 Apprenticeship Program in the following disciplines:

  • Archival Printing and Reproductions
  • Art and Product Photography
  • Art Education + Classroom Coordination
  • Gallery Administration
  • Marketing + Social Media
  • Shopify Store-Building

Each apprentice works directly with Kristen, our shop owner and head of our service wing, to learn from her ten years of experience running the shop and providing its various services. The program is an unpaid opportunity to immerse yourself in learning a trade (or several) as you simultaneously learn more about yourself and the creative career paths available to you. In this regard, our Apprenticeship Program is perfect for students taking a "gap year" break or anyone who wants to develop real-world skills.

Our Apprenticeship Program lasts 6-12 months, giving you ample time to explore a few different tracks and find out where you thrive. At the end of the program, you'll leave with tangible assets and examples of your work. We're also happy to discuss creating a rewarding job for you, if you'd like to continue working together after your apprenticeship.

To apply and receive more information about the program, fill out this brief questionnaire.

At the Artist Shop there are many ways to get involved with us. If you're looking for more, check out these opportunities below.

Learn with Us

  • Build creative career skills
  • Gain professional experience
  • Understand where you thrive
  • Work on personal projects

Grow with Us

  • Help customers find what they need
  • Keep our store running smoothly
  • Learn about different mediums
  • Share your love of art-making

Sell with Us

  • Expand your reach
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Increase your revenue
  • Make selling prints easy

Flourish with Us

  • Contribute to the creative community
  • Enjoy a positive environment
  • Help keep us clean + organized
  • Meet new people