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Before submitting to one of our gallery shows, make sure that you have followed these guidelines.


  • Read the Show Info Page and make sure your artwork relates to the show’s theme. While your work must apply to the show's parameters, our themes are broad and not meant to be taken 100% literally--we love stretching the boundaries of a particular theme. Get personal; what does the theme mean to you?
  • Gather as many pieces as you’d like to submit. There’s no limit to how many pieces you submit (2-3 is typical).
  • Prepare your work for photography and think about its title and additional info.
  • Make sure you’re available to drop-off your work during the Drop-Off Dates and that your work is available to hang with us for the entire duration of the show.


  • Submitted artwork must be your own, made by you.
  • Artwork must relate in some way to the show’s particular theme. You are free to interpret this them however you wish. 
  • We love all materials and methods! This includes drawings, paintings, prints, photos, ceramics, sculpture, video art, collage, fabric pieces, etc. etc.
  • Accepted works must be ready to hang. Stretched canvases and wood panels should have neat edges and either hanging wire on the back or have enough depth to be hung from nails. Works on paper should be framed behind glass or be able to be hung from our gallery clips. No wet paint nor unaffixed pastels/charcoals. Sculptures and other 3D pieces must be able to be safely displayed.
  • Accepted works must be able to make it up our stairs - stretched canvases and other rigid works must be no larger than 5 feet across.
  • Accepted works must be hung for the whole duration of the show.


  • Our Submission Forms are the way to go. This keeps everything organized, so we thank you for using this method to submit your work.
  • The Submission Form will look like a product in your shopping cart. You’ll need a separate Submission Form (aka product) for each piece you submit.
  • Submitting three pieces? That’s three Submission Forms, for a total of $12.
  • This $4/piece submission fee goes to all the costs involved with installing a show and hosting a fabulous party. If you cannot afford this fee, please reach out to us!
  • Before you check out (and thereby submit your work), make sure you’ve filled out all the info and uploaded a representative photo of your work (more info below).
  • Once you’ve completed your Submission Form(s), go through the checkout process. You can pay via Credit Card or PayPal, just like with any other online purchase.
  • That’s it! Your work has now been submitted. You can sit back and relax; you’ll hear from us on Notification Day.


  • The Submission Forms has several fields that need to be filled before you can checkout / submit your work.
  • Fill out all of the requested info. Please Note: The way you spell it here will be the way we display it on our wall, so double check!
  • Upload a well-lit photo that shows your piece in its entirety. There’s a 20MB file size limit, and we accept JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and TIFF.
  • Artists may submit as many pieces as they’d like, but you’ll need to fill-out a separate Submission Form for each piece. Each submission will have its own info and photo upload.
  • Want to submit a video? Great! Just upload a video file instead of an image file. We understand you may not be able to upload the entire high-res version with the 20MB file size cap, so just upload a clip—enough for us to judge. Then, if accepted, you can send in the full high-res file.


  • Due to the number of submissions and the size of work, we are generally unable to accept more than one piece per artist, however we may accept as many as three.
  • It’s the hardest thing to reject all pieces from an artist (seriously, it stinks). If this happens to you, please know that we really appreciate you submitting and truly regret not being able to hang all pieces. Sometimes good work just doesn’t fit into the overall vibe of the show. We hope you’ll try again next time.
  • If you submit to our gallery, we’ll let you know either way - whether your work got in or not - on Notification Day. At this time, you’ll receive an email from us with further instructions.
  • Accepted work must be dropped off during our Drop-Off Days. If your work has not made it to the gallery by the time the Drop-Off Days end, unfortunately we will not be able to hang it in the show.
  • Accepted works must be ready to hang (finished, dry, matted, framed, fixed) and available to be hung for the entire duration of the show.


  • Our gallery is open daily from 12-7pm, so starting on the show’s Opening Day, we welcome you to come check out the work.
  • Many of our shows are hung in the “Salon Style” so we can include as many pieces as possible.
  • We’ll host a gallery reception, usually on a Third Thursday, from 7-9pm. Everyone is invited! Come enjoy the artwork, meet the other artists, and enjoy some snacks and beverages. We’ll provide a thematic photo backdrop for fun photos of the evening. Dressing up is always encouraged.
  • The show will remain up through Closing Day at 7pm.


  • The gallery commission for sold works is 35%. Please factor that in when pricing your work. For example, if you price your work at $100, you’ll get $65 if it sells.
  • If you sell work, the 65% artist's profit will be given to you by check, no later than the 10th of the following month. We’ll contact you when a piece sells and then again when your check is ready for pick-up.
  • Buyers will pick-up the purchased piece after the show closes. This way, your work remains up for the duration of the show. If buyers are from out of town, we will offer to securely ship the work to them (at their expense).
  • Our annual Holiday Show is different in that we DO allow buyers to take the work home with them immediately after purchasing. This is to encourage people to give works of art to their loved ones during the holiday season.
  • Sometimes we will reach out to artists to see if they’d also like their work to be available as a print. In this scenario, we will photograph (or scan) your work gratis and have an example print available for buyers to peruse.


  • Everyone loves local-artist-made goods! If you’re accepted into a gallery show, you’ll potentially be given the opportunity to also sell items like art cards, prints, buttons, bookmarks, etc. We have limited space, so we’ll only be able to accept a few items. Look out for an email from us — we will let you know if there’s room for you to submit your art-adjacent items.
  • The same consignment rate applies: 65/35. Artists who sell goods in our gift shop will receive a check no later than the 10th of the month following the sale.


  • We love to promote our gallery artists, and we will always tag and credit you when we feature your work. This includes posts on social media and pictures of the show on our blog.
  • Additionally, sometimes we send images to Flagpole and other news outlets who feature our gallery. We always send attribution info so you receive credit for your work.
  • However, if you do not want us to use images of your artwork on our website, social media accounts, or send them to news outlets, we are happy to oblige. You will be given the chance to opt-out of promotional imagery when you drop-off your work.
  • The only exception to opting-out is when it comes to pictures we take of the entire show. We like to document the show as it was hung in its entirety, and we post these pictures to our blog and social media accounts. By submitting to our show, you agree to let your work be included in these group shots.


  • Oh, sadness! The show ends at 7pm on Closing Day.
  • If your work has sold, you will not need to pick it up. We will let you know if this is the case, and you’ll have a check from us no later than the 10th of the month following the sale.
  • Unsold work must be picked up by the artist or authorized representative during the Pick-Up Days. Most of the time, you’ll just check-in with us at the gallery and then take your work right off the wall.
  • If you do not pick-up your work by the time the Pick-Up Days end, it will no longer be insured. Please come get your work promptly! 
  • If you leave your work unclaimed for more than six weeks, we reserve the right to donate the artwork to a local charity.


Thank you for your interest in submitting work to the K. A. Artist Shop Gallery!

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