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Before submitting to one of our gallery shows, make sure that your work meets these guidelines.

  •  Using our Submission Form, artists may submit up to three works to our gallery show. When submitting, include all pertinent info as well as a well-lit image of each piece in its entirety (full shots, not details). We may choose to accept one, two, or three of an artist's submissions.

  • Make sure that your submissions are appropriate for the upcoming show's theme. While your work must apply to the show's parameters, our themes are broad and not meant to be taken 100% literally--we love stretching the boundaries of a particular theme. 
  • We will let artists know whether or not their works have been accepted via email on the Notification Date. Accepted works must be dropped off at the shop no later than the Drop-Off Deadline to be included in the show.

  • Accepted works must be ready to hang. Stretched canvases and wood panels should have neat edges and either hanging wire on the back or have enough depth to be hung from nails. Works on paper should be framed behind glass or be able to be hung from our gallery clips. Sculptures and 3D pieces must be able to be safely displayed. 

  • Accepted works must be able to make it up our stairs - stretched canvases and other rigid works must be no larger than 5 feet across.

  • Accepted works must be hung for the whole duration of the show. Unsold works should be picked up by the artist during Pick-Up Week.

  • The gallery commission for sold works is 35%. Please factor that in when pricing your work. The 65% artist's profit will be dispersed to the artist by check, no later than the 10th of the following month.


To submit your work to our gallery, fill out our GALLERY SUBMISSION FORM.