Studio Staff   
Currently, we are not hiring studio assistants at the Artist Shop. You can check back later, or follow @kaartist on Instagram + Facebook. We'll update there (and here) when we're hiring again. Also, If you want to be the first to know, sign-up for our newsletter.

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Hey! Wanna come hang out with us once a week and help with some shop upkeep? We have an amazing group of volunteers, and you are welcome to join us! In exchange for your help 1.5 hours a week, you'll receive 30% off in the store and our undying gratitude.

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If you are pursuing a particular field of study and believe an internship with us could help, please reach out! We've worked with photography, social media, business, advertising, and gallery aficionados in the past, and we always welcome new ideas.

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   Sell Your Work   
Do you have artwork or handmade goods that you could see selling well at the Artist Shop? We'd love to see them! Our gallery has several open calls a year. Of handmade goods, we are generally fully stocked, but we keep a "wish list" for the future.

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