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Artist Shop Instagram Live Valentine’s Day Supply Kit

by K. A. Artist Shop

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Get creative this Valentine’s Day with the Artist Shop! 

Instead of our typical Love Show festivities, this year we will be doing a free Instagram Live watercolor lesson—perfect for a solo or date night activity at 5pm on February 14th. Join us @kaartist on Instagram to paint some pretty awesome cards, and if you or your plus one need supplies on the big day, you are in the right place!

Choose either a one or two person kit, and get everything you need to follow along with our instructor! While the kit is not mandatory, it’ll have everything you need to get started with watercolor painting, as well as stamps and envelopes to send your cards out, once you’ve made them!

The Artist Shop Valentines IG Live Supply Kit includes:

  • A set of watercolor paintbrushes
  • A pan of watercolors
  • A ceramic watercolor palette
  • A pigment liner pen
  • A felt tip pen
  • A brush pen
  • An eraser
  • A 6” ruler
  • A 2H pencil
  • 8 cards made of hot press watercolor paper
  • 8 envelopes
  • 4 stamps

The two person Artist Shop Valentine’s IG Live kit includes all of the items above, as well as an additional pencil, felt tip pen, and brush pen!

No need to sign up for the class—just join us on IG Live at 5pm EST on Sunday, February 14th! However, if you would like to RSVP, you are more than welcome to do so on our Facebook event.

See you this Valentine’s Day 💞