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Brush Lettering with Kristen Ashley

Upcoming Sessions:

Tuesday, Dec. 10th (6:30-8:30pm)

Have you taken our beginner's class in Modern Calligraphy? Or have you played around with a calligraphy pen while watching lettering tutorials? This is the perfect follow-up or companion class to continue your lettering practice.

This class includes two brush pens for you to take home!

If you have never used a pointed dip pen (the one we use in beginner's class), but want to jump right in with brush and watercolor lettering, you are welcome to join us too! All skill levels welcome.

We will start class by reviewing the basics of modern calligraphy, focusing on building our own personal alphabets. Using pencil and paper (we'll provide this for you) -- or using your own dip pen and ink (if you prefer to practice with your own materials) -- we'll go through the alphabet, discussing various ways to create each letter. We'll go over numbers and flourishes as well. And all throughout, I'll answer any questions you may have about envelope addressing, digitizing your work, etc.

After running through the alphabet, we will go over the basic mechanics of brush lettering and watercolor lettering. I'll provide an assortment of materials for you to try. You are also encouraged to bring any pens you already own if you'd like any instruction with those. Fall in love with a pen we use in class? You can purchase any of them from our supply shop.

TL/DR: All skill levels welcome. Bring materials if you have them, otherwise, we'll provide them for you. Get ready to work on your alphabet and learn how to use a bunch of fun brush pens!

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