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“The Brush” Gold-Plated Fountain Pen by Ferris Wheel Press

“The Brush” Gold-Plated Fountain Pen by Ferris Wheel Press

by Ferris Wheel Press

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Handmade from copper, brass, and stainless steel, this fountain pen body with Fine nib offers a well-balanced and substantial writing experience. The nib is gold-plated for smooth ink-to-paper flow, and the body is lacquered in a range of sophisticated colors. A converter is included, so this pen is ready to be filled with one of our beautiful FWP inks.

About this pen

As expressive as the ideas it creates, the Brush Fountain Pen is available in gold-plated Fine point nibs, as well as a range of distinguished colors. The Brush Fountain Pen takes its namesake and familiarity from the contoured silhouette of an artist's paintbrush.

  • Full copper body
  • Intricately engraved brass grip
  • Brass nut on cap
  • Total length: 143mm
  • Cap length: 57mm
  • Grip length: 24mm
  • Total weight: 23g
  • Nib: 14k gold plated fine nib
  • Length: 17mm
  • Width 7mm
  • Filling System: standard Universal sized piston converter with a ~0.75ml chamber
Care Instructions
  • DO NOT post the cap onto the back of the pen when writing. Our pen has been designed and balanced to write with the cap un-posted. Don't worry, the nut shaped cap will prevent it from rolling away
  • The threads of the cap are brass, so they can damage the finish of the paint if you post the cap
  • Store the pen vertically with the tip pointing upwards when not in use to minimize clogging
  • The brass is designed to patina and age gracefully over time, and consistent use will ensure the finish stays brilliant. However, you can also use standard brass cleaner to restore the finish.
Filling your Brush Fountain Pen
  • Unwind the grip from the barrel of the pen to reveal the converter
  • Pull the converter off of the grip assembly
  • Clean your nib and converter by rinsing it in cold water until water runs clear
  • If the pen has not been in use for a few weeks, you may need to submerge the nib for an hour to loosen up the ink
  • Air dry the nib and converter and reassemble when fully dry
  • Twist the end knob until the piston is fully depressed
  • Submerge the entire nib into the ink, and SLOWLY twist the piston to draw the ink until the converter is fully extended
  • It is normal to have some small air pockets at the top of the converter.
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