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Limited Edition Traveler’s Company Brass Fountain Pen - Factory Green

by Traveler's Company

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A stylish Japanese reinterpretation of a classic American writing instrument, this bullet-style fountain pen combines comfort and portability into one clever design. Thanks to its long cap and short barrel, the pen is an easily pocketable four inches long when capped and a comfortable five and a half inches long with the cap posted on the back of the barrel.

This limited-edition pen pen features a light green finish inspired by the Traveler's Company factory, whose doors, floors, and shelves are painted in a similar color to evoke a sense of safety and peace of mind. Today, the paint is faded in some areas and darkened in others—a testament to many years of hard work and productivity. In much the same way, the finish of this pen will develop a unique patina over the years, reflecting how you've used it. As the paint wears away, the brass underneath will begin to show through.

To remove the clip, unscrew the finial on the end of the cap. Lift the clip away, and screw the finial back down.



  • Smooth steel nib for everyday writing and drawing.
  • Light green finish that will show wear and develop a unique patina as you use it.
  • Removable pocket clip.
  • Ring for attaching charms or a lanyard.
  • One black ink cartridge.