MT Washi Tape - Single Roll - 15mm x 10m

Matte White - Solid
Pastel Brown - Solid
Cocoa - Solid
Wine - Solid
Rose Pink - Solid
Red - Solid
Salmon Pink - Solid
Pastel Orange - Solid
Egg Yolk - Solid
Shocking Yellow - Solid
Verdant Green - Solid
Peacock Green - Solid
Pastel Mint - Solid
Baby Blue - Solid
Water - Solid
Lapis Blue - Solid
Will-o'-the-Wisp - Solid
Lavender - Solid
Ash Purple - Solid
Pastel Gray - Solid
Matte Black - Solid
Gold - Solid
Silver - Solid
Spring (Blue on Pink) - Dot
Red - Stripe
Mint - Stripe
Pastel Blue - Border
Blue on Cherry Blossom - Graph
Black - Dot
Silver - Graph
Gold - Dot
Colored Pencil - Stripe
Half-Tone - Dot
Pastel Green - Solid
Green - Grid
Sunflower - Solid
Red on Blue - Graph
Embroidered Floral

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Washi (Japanese Paper) Tape in an Array of Colors and Patterns
In the Standard 15mm Width

Since long ago, paper masking tape has been used industrially in all kinds of ways. Kamoi Kakoshi in Japan has been making specialty paper adhesives for almost 100 years. In 2006, the company received an email from 3 women in Tokyo who were using their industrial tapes in beautiful craft projects. Amazed by this surprising and wonderful usage, Kamoi Kakoshi invited the women to visit their factory. This visit inspired the development of an entirely new and original category of tape: MT brand washi tape, colorful tape which is easy to tear by hand and reposition on nearly any surface. MT washi masking tape is now sold throughout the world in hundreds of colors and patterns. MT has become a part of daily life, adding a little color everywhere.