Bundle: Jumbo Tote Bag with Jumbo Sketchbook

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Bundled item! One sturdy-but-trim, lovely "Peek-A-Boo" bag by ban.do is paired with a perfectly jumbo-sized sketchbook.

About the bag:Show the world what matters to you! Well, at least half of it. This fun tote is white leatherette on the bottom half and a thick clear plastic on the upper half, for a cute peek-a-boo at what you're carrying around. We love this bag because it's sturdy without being too bulky and the lining is a lovely soft suede texture.

Bag Measures 14.75 in. x 18 in.

About the sketchbook: An over-sized blank sketchbook by Art Alternatives is awaiting your artwork! It contains 300 sheets (600 pages!) of 75 lb. (110 gsm), acid-free, bright white paper -- sourced from sustainably managed forests. Each sheet measures 12.5"h x 10.75"w.

The book measures 11 inches wide, 12-3/4 inches in height, and is 2 inches thick.