Private Birthday Party Reservation

by K. A. Artist Shop

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Host your birthday party at the Artist Shop!

Birthday parties at the Artist Shop last for two hours, with a 1.5 hour art lesson. Let us know what you'd like to create, or let us plan a fun lesson based on your interests!

All students must be 10 years or older with a maximum of 12 guests.

For students under 18 years old, a chaperone will need to be present. For parties of 7 or more, two chaperones must be present for the duration of the party. For parties of 6 or fewer, one chaperone must be present.

To secure your birthday plans with us, there is a $150 fee upon booking. On the day of your event there will be a materials charge of $10-$25 per person (it varies based on what materials your project requires) for the creative activity. 

Parties are 2-hours long with a 1.5 hour activity/lesson. We welcome the host to come 15-30 minutes early if you care to bring decorations or want to be in the space early. 
• Our price for a private party is $150, which is due in order to reserve your date and time. Additionally, we charge a materials fee of $10-$25 per guest on the day of the event. 
(Photography classes get the lowest rate, $10 per guest.)
• Our maximum guest count is 12, and we require a chaperone be present in the shop for parties where guests are under age 18. 
• We don’t allow food/drinks/cake in our classrooms, but water bottles, personal canteens, small snacks, treats, and goodie bags are fine.
• Parties are a great way for friends and family to enjoy time learning and making something together. We provide a welcoming space for all people and all skill levels.






  • Parties are typically 2 hours, including a 1.5 hour class
  • $150 is due upfront to secure the room and teacher
  • There’s a per-person materials charge due when you arrive for your event (depending on the project, typically $10-$25pp)


More Details:

  • 12 participants max
  • Ages 10+
  • We require 1 adult chaperone for parties up to 6 kids and 2 adults for parties up to 12 kids
  • Guests will each work on a project they can take home
  • Additional per person material costs may apply
  • We provide a small table for snacks and gifts
  • We provide a trash and recycling can and ask that everything you bring either winds up in one of those cans or leaves with you. We’ll take care of cleaning up the art materials; you take care of cleaning up the snacks and gifts.


Optional Additional Charges:

  • Additional time in room is $75/hr


Party Ideas: 


Masking fluid outline of favorite animal or shape (use a stencil, then watercolor inside). This party requires a break in between steps (a great time for gifts/snacks)

Paint Your Pet


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  • Quotes to Hang
  • Signature Style

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Paper Weaving

Color Theory

Still Life Watercolor Painting

DIY Loom Weaving


Leather Painting

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