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Art & Product Photography and Editing Demos


Sunday, August 27th (2-5PM)

In this class, you will learn how to take professional photos of your physical products and edit them to shine in your online store.

We all know that bad pictures send potential buyers elsewhere. Let me help you take and edit a great photo so that you can make that sale!

We'll start in the light box, for what we'll call your "basic whites." These are product shots with clean, white backgrounds. Many online storefronts prefer these, and many magazines/blogs do as well.

We'll photograph several types of products this way - each with unique features and various problems I'll teach you to tame.

You do not need to bring your own camera - this is more like a demo class, and we won't have time to learn each camera. But you are encouraged to bring in a product or two you'd like to have shot.

Next, I'll show you how I edit photos for clients. We'll adjust the basics like exposure and contrast where needed. We'll color-correct for accuracy. We'll fix flaws of framing or perspective. We'll completely white-out our background. We'll discuss when to photoshop (and when not to). And we will resize your photos to fit the needs of web vs. print. You'll leave with an understanding of file types and file sizes, and when you'll use them. 


I'll be using my standard tools for product photography: a Sony A7rii camera, an iPhone, various iPhone apps, a Mac laptop, and Adobe Photoshop. You do not need to bring your own equipment - this is a demo class. So if you have different equipment at home, some of the technical specifics won't apply to you, but all of the basics will (and that's the focus of this class!)

* This class is limited to 6 students, and it will include a 15 minute break at the halfway point for parking meter-feeding or coffee-grabbing.