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Tombow Dual-Sided Brush Marker + Artist Pen Sets

Tombow's Dual Brush pens are available in a dazzling array of colors, and are appreciated by fine artists and crafters alike for good reason. These sets are made up of ten pens each to form a specified palette. 

Grayscale set: N15 Black, N25 Lamp Black, N55 Cool Gray 7, N45 Cool Gray 10, N60 Cool Gray 6, N75 Cool Gray 3, N65 Cool Gray 5, N95 Cool Gray 1, N89 Warm Gray 1, and N00 Colorless Blender.

Portrait set: 020 Peach, 942 Tan, 850 Flesh, 800 Baby Pink, 772 Blush, 912 Pale Cherry, 977 Saddle Brown, 969 Chocolate, N15 Black, and N00 Colorless Blender. 

Bright Set: 133 Chartreuse, 743 Hot Pink, 636 Imperial Purple, 933 Orange, 055 Process Yellow, 665 Purple, 493 Reflex Blue, 755 Rubine Red, 173 Willow Green, and N00 Colorless Blender. 

Muted Set: 837 Wine Red, 947 Burnt Sienna, 026 Yellow Gold, 249 Hunter Green, 528 Navy Blue, 679 Dark Plum, 969 Chocolate, N35 Cool Gray 12, N15 Black, and N00 Colorless Blender. 

Primary Set: 055 Process Yellow, 925 Scarlet, 847 Crimson, 245 Sap Green, 346 Sea Green, 476 Cyan, 565 Deep Blue, 879 Brown, N15 Black, and N00 Colorless Blender.

Galaxy Set: blender, lamp black, cool gray 7, green, ultramarine, mint, turquoise, royal purple, rubine red and rhodamine red

Pastel Set: blender, asparagus, carnation, coral, glacier blue, mist purple, pale yellow, mint, purple sage and orchid

Landscape Set: light sand, burnt sienna, redwood, warm gray 5, gray green, hunter green, blender, navy blue, lamp black and true blue

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