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SPECIAL ORDER ITEM: KINGART® Finesse™ Premium 8000 Round Series Watercolor Artist Brushes, Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Blend

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM: KINGART® Finesse™ Premium 8000 Round Series Watercolor Artist Brushes, Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Blend

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"KINGART® Finesse™ round brushes are great for creating thick to thin lines, points, scrolls, signatures, and more. These resilient brushes easily snap back to their original shape. Use on point or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes.  Detail work or filling large areas depending upon the size of the brush head and pressure applied.  

Use round brushes for thick to thin strokes made by variation of pressure. Ideal for detail work or filling large areas, depending on the brush size used and pressure applied. Shaping of the point coming from the center most hairs makes it ideally suited for stroke work.

KINGART® Finesse™ offers a complete collection of watercolor painting brushes to help artists bring their creativity to life. The expert brush makers at KINGART® developed an innovative synthetic paintbrush that performs even better than natural Kolinsky, yet is significantly more affordable. Our brushes are designed to hold an abundance of water and retain their shape for greater versatility, enhanced color-holding ability and precise color placement. We offer an impressive range of shapes and sizes so you can paint everything from long, thin lines to large areas with ease.  Finesse™ Kolinsky Sable Synthetic brushes are animal-friendly, durable, affordable and dependable.

KINGART® Finesse™ is a new next-generation synthetic hair brush that is almost indistinguishable from natural Kolinsky. It is a challenge to see the difference.  Aside from the more affordable price, it is the performance of this new synthetic hair technology that makes KINGART® Finesse™ the new standard for artist brushes.  Intended for watercolor painting, KINGART® Finesse™ Kolinsky Sable Synthetic Blend Brushes can also be used for acrylic and oil paints."

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