Choosing a Class for Your Experience Level

Choosing a Class for Your Experience Level

We welcome all students into our classrooms, but it's usually best (and most enjoyable) for you to choose a class designed for your goals, experience level, and skillset.

Here are the tiers we use to describe our classes and the types of students for whom they're designed:

Level 1 - Fun-Lover

These classes are designed for those who just want to have a good time tapping into their creative side. We'll enjoy a laid-back activity, learn some fun tips and tricks, and make some memories in our Level 1 classes.

Level 2 - Beginner

Beginners have no or little experience in an area, but they are eager to learn. Expect to build essential skills and explore foundational topics in our Level 2 classes. These classes are also great for those with more experience looking for a refresher.

Level 3 - Apprentice

These classes are designed for those who have begun learning and wish to continue exploring a subject. You only need basic knowledge and minimal experience to take a Level 3 class, and you can expect to deepen your understanding and gain more proficiency while having some fun.

Level 4 - Intermediate

Great for those who have taken classes before and those who have self-studied, these classes are geared toward artists who enjoy more in-depth explorations of a subject. You can expect to learn from both the instructor and other students--and we hope you'll share some of your knowledge, too!

Level 5 - Advanced

These classes are designed for those students who have spent years practicing and exploring. We believe in lifelong learning, and you can expect to get nerdy and even philosophical in these top-tier classes. But don't worry, we don't do pretentious at the Artist Shop--even our highest level classes are relaxed and convivial.