Redeem a Gift Certificate

Huzzah! You've got a gift certificate for the K. A. Artist Shop, and we're here to help you redeem it.

Please note: Gift Certificates are different than Gift Cards:
  Gift Cards  
  • Redemption Code: 16-character code (numbers and letters)
  • Redeemable For: a specific monetary value, used to pay for anything in our shop
  • Expiration: Gift Cards never expire.
  • Redemption Process: The code is entered at checkout, either online or in-store. Your gift card is used as a form of payment, it can be combined with other payment methods, and it can be combined with promo codes.
  Gift Certificates  
  • Redemption Code: 8-digit code (numbers only)
  • Redeemable For: a specific class, service, etc.
  • Expiration: Gift Certificates are redeemable for one full year.
  • Redemption Process: You're in the right place! Fill out the short form below, and we'll be in touch to help you redeem your Gift Certificate.
* * * We're still working on the fancy redemption form... for now, please just email us a pic of your gift certificate to :) * * *