Redeem a Gift

Redeem a Gift

Huzzah! You have received a gift card/certificate for the K. A. Artist Shop, and we're here to help you redeem it.

Please note: Gift Certificates are different than Gift Cards, but it’s easy to know which one you have.

  Gift Cards  

  • Redemption Code: 16-character code (numbers and letters)
  • Redeemable For: a specific monetary value, used to pay for anything in our shop
  • Expiration: gift cards never expire
  • Redemption Process: Make your selections in-store or online and head to checkout. Your code is entered at checkout as a form of payment. It can be combined with promo codes as well as other forms of payment.

  Gift Certificates  

  • Redemption Code: 8-digit code (numbers only)
  • Redeemable For: a specific class, service, etc.
  • Expiration: gift certificates are redeemable for one full year
  • The first step to redeeming a gift certificate is to get in touch with us and tell us your certificate number. Then we’ll be back in touch with instructions on how to proceed with your particular gift. Start by filling out the short form linked below, or send us an email with the details of the certificate. Soon we'll be in touch with specific instructions to help you redeem your gift!

Click here to fill out our Gift Certificate Redemption Form

✨ Please note! If you are a UGA OL and received a gift certificate on May 26, 2023, please email us at with an image of your certificate to redeem your certificate by May 26, 2024.