Katy Lipscomb and Tyler Fisher

Katy Lipscomb and Tyler Fisher

Katy Lipscomb

Katy Lipscomb is an author, illustrator, and designer whose watercolor creatures have sprung, soared, and shuffled their way across the globe. Seen in TIME Magazine, heard on NPR news, and viewed millions of times on her social media accounts, Katy’s works combine artful skills with opulent imagery to generate unforgettably vibrant masterpieces.

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Tyler Fisher

Whether formed from handmade paper, forged from steel, or drawn from memories, Tyler Fisher’s visual studies highlight the materiality of the many mediums he manipulates in order to craft engaging stories. Using rabbits, hoodies, and crowns as stand-ins for human protagonists, his work often explores serious, tragic, or complicated issues in approachable, playful, and humorous ways to provoke meaningful conversation and contemplation.

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