Chartpak AD Design Markers - Colors

P-4 Ultramarine*
P-5 True Blue*
P-6 Prussian Blue*
P-7 Navy Blue*
P-10 Cobalt Blue*
P-11 Dutch Blue*
P-15 Process Blue*
P-16 Blue Green*
P-18 Slate Green
P-19 Viridian
P-20 Evergreen*
P-21 Emerald Green
P-22 Holly Green
P-23 Spruce Green
P-24 Dark Olive*
P-25 Jade
P-26 Forest Green
P-27 Moss Green
P-28 Apple Green*
P-29 Leaf Green*
P-30 Nile Green*
P-31 Olive*
P-32 Palm Green*
P-33 Light Olive
P-34 Pale Olive*
P-35 Chrome Green*
P-36 Chartreuse*
P-37 Linden Green*
P-38 Yellow Green*
P-41 Lemon Yellow*
P-42 Cadmium Yellow*
P-43 Dark Yellow*
P-44 Banana*
P-46 Goldenrod*
P-62 Chrome Orange*
P-64 Cadmium Orange*
P-69 Redwood*
P-70 Mocha*
P-74 Brick Red*
P-75 Burnt Sienna*
P-79 Cadmium Red*
P-80 Life Red*
P-81 Scarlet*
P-82 Crimson
P-83 Ruby*
P-85 Maroon*
P-89 Deep Magenta*
P-90 Wine Red*
P-92 Lilac*
P-94 Violet
P-96 Blueberry*
P-101 Space Blue
P-102 Electric Blue*
P-103 Sky Blue*
P-104 Light Blue
P-105 Ice Blue*
P-106 Blue Glow
P-107 Saphire Blue*
P-108 Crystal Blue
P-110 Azure
P-112 Frost Blue*
P-114 Aquamarine*
P-117 Aqua*
P-118 Pale Lime*
P-119 Light Green
P-120 Willow Green*
P-121 Mint*
P-122 Grass Green*
P-126 Celery*
P-130 Pale Yellow*
P-133 Maize*
P-135 Naples Yellow*
P-148 Pale Cherry*
P-152 Blush*
P-153 Peach*
P-156 Sunset Pink*
P-160 Salmon*
P-161 Powder Pink*
P-163 Pink*
P-177 Mauve*
P-178 Purple Sage*
P-179 Pale Indigo*
P-206 Deep Salmon*
P-209 Bright Orchid*
P-210 Purple Iris*
P-215 Violet Light*
P-219 Deep Evergreen*
P-220 Dark Mint*
P-115 Turquoise Green*

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This Tri-Nib Chartpak marker gives you three distinct line weights in one nib! The markers deliver sparkling and brilliant color in fine point, medium weight or broad strokes - with just a twist of the wrist. The unique shape of the Tri-Nib gives you precise control over your stroke, and the wide palette of permanent colors, which includes a complete range of pastels and grays, opens new worlds of creative possibility.