Gallery Submissions

Gallery Submissions

Step 1:  Read and follow the Gallery Guidelines.

You’ll get all the details re. submitting, preparing your work, dropping it off, and selling your work.


Step 2:  Pay the Submission Fee.

This $15 fee goes toward the show’s installation and reception. If you cannot afford this fee, please reach out to us and we will waive it for you.


Step 3:  Fill out the Submission Form.

You’ll receive the form via email after you pay the submission fee. From there you’ll upload photos of your work and describe it to us. Make sure you spell things exactly like you want them displayed. You can submit up to five pieces—thus you can fill out the submission form up to five times.


Step 4: Wait to hear from us via email on Notification Day.

(We will email either way.) That’s it! Your work has now been submitted. You can sit back and relax; you’ll hear from us on Notification Day.