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"Art Made from Books" Book by Chronicle Books

by Chronicle Books

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Artists around the world have lately been turning to their bookshelves for more than just a good read, opting to cut, paint, carve, stitch, or otherwise transform the printed pages into a whole new beautiful, thought-provoking work of art. This book is a definitive guide to this compelling art form, showcasing groundbreaking work by today's most show-stopping artists. From Su Blackwell's whimsical pop-up landscapes to the stacked-book sculptures of Kylie Stillman, each portfolio celebrates the incredible creative diversity of the medium. A preface by pioneering artist Brian Dettmer and an introduction by design critic Alyson Kuhn round out the collection. Presented in an unusual and tactile package with an exposed spine, this is a great addition to the libraries of book lovers and art aficionados.