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Col-o-ring Ink Swatch Booklets

by The Well-Appointed Desk

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Each book contains:
  • 100 sheets of 100lb/160gsm European paper from a 400-year-old mill
  • acid-free bright, natural white paper
  • paper has a slight tooth but not enough to even even the finest dip nib
  • easily portable 2”x4” sheets with die cut rounded corners
  • sturdy chipboard covers letterpress printed with a crisp application of “afterburner" black ink
  • handy split ring so pages can be removed, rearranged and reinserted as needed
The paper was rigorously tested to ensure that inks would not feather, bleed or show through. Inks can be tested with fountain pen, glass pen, dip pen, cotton swabs or paintbrush on the front or back of each sheet.

Col-o-ring ink testing books are printed, assembled and designed in Kansas City and the paper was sourced from a local distributor.