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Custom Canvas Stretching • Labor Cost

Custom Canvas Stretching • Labor Cost

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Having trouble finding the perfect stretched canvas size? We'll stretch a custom canvas for you!

Or perhaps you have a painting on loose canvas that you'd like to have stretched to hang on your wall? As long as it’s clean and in good shape…We can do that, too!

We can stretch any length and width from a range of 6 inches to 60 inches. 

Paintings on loose canvas must be clean and in good condition for stretching. Reach out to make an appointment for a consultation to make sure your artwork is a good candidate. 

For canvas stretching from scratch: we'll select the right size of stretcher bars for the job, and add raw or primed canvas sold by the foot as needed. Then we add this labor cost to the order, depending on the finished canvas size. Once we have sourced your stretcher bars and canvas, we'll send you an invoice with updated pricing.

Make sure we have at least seven (7) extra inches on canvas in both the width and height, so there's enough canvas to pull and wrap around the back!

You're welcome to reach out to us via phone, email, or swing by the shop to get your order started.

Please note: The standard turnaround time for our custom stretched canvas service is one week, beginning after we've sourced all the materials. Please let us know if you need to have your canvas by a deadline, and we can arrange a rush order for an additional fee.

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