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We Edit Photos of Your Artwork • File Editing Service

by K. A. Artist Shop Services

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Do you have an image of your artwork that could use some editing?

Perhaps you previously purchased a "Tier 1" Photo Service or a Basic Scan at the Artist Shop, and now you'd like that image edited.

We offer three levels of editing, priced per piece, with the cost depending upon the amount of time you'd like us to spend with each image.

We also offer the option to aim our edits toward print reproduction or screen-view.

Choose Your Level of Editing:

Basic Editing of your image will include standard edits like cropping, sizing, exposure correction, and sharpening.

Medium Editing of your piece will include cropping, sizing, exposure correction, and sharpening, as well as professional edits like background removal (optional), color correction, and minimal touch-ups like signature removal.

High Detail Editing of your piece will include cropping, sizing, exposure correction, sharpening, background removal (optional), color correction, and more advanced touch-ups. Let us know your goals, and we'll edit accordingly!

✳️ If you order "High Detail Editing for Print + Screen" we'll include a free test print on one of our fine papers.

❗️ To respect the autonomy and copyright of every artist, it is our policy to only edit photos of your artwork, authorized by you, the artist. If you have any questions or feel you may have a special case, just let us know!