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General's Factis Extra Soft White Vinyl Eraser

$ 1.50
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General's Extra Soft White Vinyl eraser is non-abrasive and cleans deeper than a kneaded eraser.  It will not smear or smudge when lifting out unwanted charcoal, graphite or pastel pigment and is a self cleaning eraser (erase on a clean surface and the dirty vinyl rolls off). It gently removes unwanted pigment without disturbing the “surface tooth” of the paper so it is ideal for use on vellum, watercolor, and delicate papers as well as traditional drawing paper surfaces. This versatile eraser can also be cut into various shapes for precise erasing; deposit pigment, ink, and paint onto a surface (like a stamp); also absorbing unwanted oil paint from a painting (acts like a sponge).  Made from latex-free vinyl.

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