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Modern Calligraphy Ink by À L’aise

Modern Calligraphy Ink by À L’aise

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This ink is handmade in the À Laise London studio, using natural pigments and natural binders to create a super opaque ink, designed for use with a dip pen. Due to the nature of the natural pigments used, they can settle over time, so before use, they need to be shaken or mixed. Make sure to wipe the jar and lid clean before closing to avoid it sticking.

These inks are water-based and if they are too thick for your nib, a drop of water can be added to dilute the ink. If it is too watery you can leave the lid off for the ink to evaporate slightly, preferably overnight. Because this ink is water-based, it will naturally evaporate over time, and you can add a drop of water to bring it back to the desired consistency.

This ink will work with most pointed pen nibs, though each nib will create a slightly different look.

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