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Pigma Micron Pen Sets - Black

by Sakura

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These sets feature a collection of Pigma pens for a variety of drawing and writing needs. Great for graphic design, cartoons, sketches, free-hand illustrations, calligraphy, and tole craft, or as a bold line pen for general writing, Pigma Graphic 1 Pens feature high-quality, quick-drying pigmented ink that is waterproof, fade-resistant, and will not smear or feather once dry. Fine-point Pigma Micron Pens have waterproof, quick-drying pigmented ink for permanency and true color reproduction. They can be used for graphics, drafting, illustration, accounting, and more. Developed to meet the needs of calligraphers, illustrators, Manga artists, cartoonists, and crafters, Pigma Micron Brush Pens' versatile brush tips create fine lines to broad strokes. The ink is archival, quick-drying, will not bleed through most fine paper, and will not smear or feather once dry.