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Send Something Beautiful by Emily Hogarth

Send Something Beautiful by Emily Hogarth

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Fold, pull, print, cut, and turn paper into collectible keepsakes and memorable mail

In a digital age where apps, social media, and mobile devices rule our daily lives, the desire to send - and receive - personalized cards and gifts has never been more appealing.

Send Something Beautiful allows individuals to break away from the chaotic world and engage in creating something meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. This book encourages artists to make and then give - or send - something beautiful, from a handcrafted personalized pop-up card to a calligraphic love letter enclosed in an exquisitely lined, hand-folded envelope. Whether looking for new ways to correspond or just for the love of crafting with paper, Send Something Beautiful has a little something for every art enthusiast. From paper engineering techniques to an array of unique ideas, the 25 inspiring projects in this book are sure to spark creativity and an everlasting love for the art of handmade cards and gifts. Readers will discover how to layer, fold, and perforate; use templates; employ typography; create freehand designs; and craft with purpose, as well as learn to make seals, envelopes, tags, labels, greeting cards, and more. Send Something Beautiful is the perfect resource for crafters of all skill levels, featuring a wide array of creative projects and ideas.

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