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Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Set of 10

by Tombow

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Tombow's Dual Brush pens are available in a dazzling array of colors and are appreciated by fine artists and crafters alike for good reason. These sets are made up of ten pens each to form a specified palette. 

Bright Set: blender, chartreuse, hot pink, imperial purple, orange, process yellow, purple, reflex blue, rubine red, and willow green.

Celebration Set: scarlet, hot pink, sky blue, yellow gold, light apricot, pink, warm red, sap green, process blue, process yellow.

Desert Flora Set: 761 Carnation, 993 Orange, 992 Sand, 679 Dark Plum, 603 Periwinkle, 451 Sky Blue, 528 Navy Blue, N57 Warm Gray 5, 158 Dark Olive, N35 Cool Gray 12

Galaxy Set: blender, lamp black, cool gray 7, green, ultramarine, mint, turquoise, royal purple, rubine red, and rhodamine red.

Grayscale set: black, lamp black, blender, cool gray 7, cool gray 10, cool gray 6, cool gray 5, cool gray 1, and two cool gray 3.

Holiday: 026 Yellow Gold, 837 Wine Red, 847 Crimson, 228 Gray Green, 177 Dark Jade, 249 Hunter Green, 526 True Blue, 947 Burnt Sienna, 990 Light Sand, N25 Lamp Black

Landscape Set: light sand, burnt sienna, redwood, warm gray 5, gray-green, hunter green, blender, navy blue, lamp black, and true blue

Muted Set: black, blender, burnt sienna, chocolate, cool gray 12, dark plum, hunter green, navy blue, wine red, and yellow gold.

Pastel Set: blender, asparagus, carnation, coral, glacier blue, mist purple, pale yellow, mint, purple sage, and orchid

Portrait set: peach, flesh, baby pink, blush, pale cherry, blender, tan, black, and chocolate.

Primary Set: process yellow, pink rose, scarlet, sap green, cyan, imperial purple, brown, black, blender, and crimson.

Retro Set: pale yellow, orange, mauve, coral, carmine, purple, ultramarine, bright blue, sea blue, light olive.

Tropical Set: 133 Chartreuse, 291 Alice Blue, 403, 379 Jade Green, 407 Tiki Teal, 817 Mauve, 803 Pink Punch, 856 Poppy Red, 685 Deep Magenta, N00 Colorless Blender