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We’ll be closed Saturday 10/16 ➜
We’ll be closed Saturday 10/16 ➜


  • General's Jumbo Kneaded Eraser - by General's - K. A. Artist Shop

    General's Jumbo Kneaded Eraser

    from $ 1.75

    This gray kneaded eraser is primarily used by artists on graphite and charcoal. The extra-large size makes it easier to erase large areas.

  • Milan Plastic Eraser - Red and Pink by Milan - K. A. Artist Shop
    Milan Plastic Eraser - by Milan - K. A. Artist Shop

    Milan Plastic Eraser

    $ 0.50

    Plastic erasers, suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Especially recommended for pencils in the H range and up to 2B. Plus... those colors!

  • Factis Jumbo Egg Eraser - by General Pencil - K. A. Artist Shop
    General Pencil

    Factis Jumbo Egg Eraser

    Original Price $ 2.50
    Current Price $ 1.75

    Very soft erasers are made of synthetic rubber with a great adsorption power and can be used for any kind of pencil graduation. These erasers work ...

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