Meet the Artist

Here's a little insight into the creative process and the inspiration behind the work of Teresa Bacon.

Teresa Bacon is a Watkinsville based artist who has lived in the area for twenty-three years and is always looking for new inspiration from the life around her. Her inspiration can be a tarot card spread from her daily routine, a walk through nature, her many houseplants, or a conversation with her daughter, Katie.

Among her favorite animals is the Sea Otter with its ability to juggle, its shared penchant for having a favorite rock, and the fact that it has built-in pockets.

A collector of vintage postmodern atomic age machines, Teresa can sometimes be found writing on her Hermes Media 3000 script typewriter or sewing on a vintage Kenmore sewing machine, which she claims runs like a great vintage car, and calls one of her most beloved gifts.

"I began this collection as a way to express my longing to connect during a time of social isolation during the pandemic."

- Teresa Bacon

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