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"Poppy" Print by Mallory Moye

$ 25.00

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Liven your space with this colorful animal print by local artist, Mallory Moye. These open reproduction prints are made with archival inks and printed on our favorite velvet fine art paper. Available as an 8 x 8 inch or 16 x 16 inch print with white border, packaged with mat board backing in a clear sleeve. 

Heirloom Animals Series:

"As part of my first animal series, I returned to my family's roots - the farm. Growing up, my family returned to my great grandparents farm in Union Point, GA which belongs to my aunt and uncle. When I was a child, the farm was still operating with cattle, horses, chickens, and bird dogs. It was always such a magical place to return to and get back in the mud. There's a reason farms capture the heart of American culture. This series brought the farm inside the home. In ‘Poppy’ and ‘Samson,’ I like to imagine the cows are staring at us with the same deep curiosity we often show them." - Mallory

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